Halki is one of the smallest islands of Dodecanese. It’s a beautiful island with virgin beauties and sparkling clean beaches. It’s a quite mountainous island with historical places to visit such as the ancient acropolis and the church of St. Nicholas built in 1861. Halki has been named the “centre of peace and friendship” People from all over the world visit every year this beautiful island and it has become a very popular destination and a tourist attraction in the past years.

The trip will start in the morning by picking up the guests from their hotels and off to Kamiros scala , where they will depart with the boat Nisos Halki at 10:00 the boat trip is approximately 1 hour. In Halki there are souvenir as well local shops to do shopping and restaurants to have lunch. You can do some touring around the island and visit historical places or take a swim until the departure time which is 16:00.

At approximately 17:00 guests will be in Rhodes and taken back to their hotels or to the Harbor.