What about visiting a sleeping Volcano?

For those who like excitement a Cruise down south of Kos Island to the Volcanic Island of Nissyros is the right excursion. Hot sulfur steam emerges from the big crater, in which you can actually climb down to see for yourself if it is active or not. The boat departs from Kardamena harbor, and it takes approximately an hour to arrive to the island of Nissyros. Upon the arrival a small walk through the village of Mandraki with guiding and information about the famous monastery with the church of Panagia Spiliani, situated in a cave well worth visiting during the free time. The excursion continues with a guiding bus tour over the island on the way to the volcano.

At the volcano, guests can see the crater “Stefanos”, the largest crater on the island (27m. deep, 350m long) and will descent into it for an excited closer visit. We suggest our guests to wear comfortable walking shoes, as the descent to the crater is rough and the ground on the crater quite hot. Returning to Mandraki, there is free time for visiting the monastery of Panagia Spiliani, having lunch, or shopping on the island’s small shops. At 15.30 the boat departs from Nissyros harbor and arrives to Kardamena harbor one hour later.