Your evening begins with a wine tasting in the famous Winery “Triantafyllopoulou”, where you can enjoy the fine wines of the island.

The next stop is a cultural journey through the centuries of Kos history. A walk outside the castle, a visit in the ancient Agora and a spiritual observation of the Hippocrates’ Tree, where, according to the legend, he was teaching his students.
Then you have the opportunity to experience the impressive atmosphere of Kos town by night. You can stroll through the small winding streets of the old city where small beautiful shops lighten your mood. These streets end up in the hustle in Elefteria’s square. You can spend plenty of time in the shop market and buy original souvenirs. After the shops in the old town, you can enjoy refreshing cocktails in the bar street or you can savor from a big variety of meze in one of the numerous Taverns in front of the harbor.

An incomparable evening in the city of Kos!